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 Dedication Celebration on
Sunday June 28th
following the 10:30am worship service.



Groundbreaking and Celebration of Gifts will be celebrated Sunday, June 15. At both services, we dedicated the commitments we have received so far for the Renewing Grace renovation project. After the late service we gathered outside have our official groundbreaking. Those attending got a "yellow construction hat" as a memento of the day. At this point, we have 140 families and local businesses who have committed over $379,000.00 over the next 36 months, putting us OVER THE TOP for our $350,000 goal. Follow-up letters have been sent out so that all church families and friends have the opportunity to participate. THANK YOU!! 



Building News Updates

November 15

The kitchen items were retuned to the new litchen todaywith the help of a great work crew. Thank you! We removed many of the items kept safe in the storage trailer since June. Of course we ran into a few minor glitches, but that to be expected in a projerct this size. Once the FH floor is complete this coming week and the storage rooms are floored, then the rest of the items can come out of the trailer and we will be ready for Thanksgiving Eve. (We hope!)


November 4

Construction in the Chapel is winding down with emphases now on completing Fellowship Hall. The ceramic tile backsplash in the kitchen has been installed and looks great. The rest of the missing kitchen cabinets have arrived as well as the stoves & microwaves. The chairs for FH are on order. Our painters have been completing their work in FH and have moved over to the Chapel to complete some odds & ends. The flooring in the kitchen & main floor area in FH is scheduled to begin 11/07 lasting approx 1week. It's now all hands on deck so as to meet the completion schedule.

October 24

While we've been actively involved w/ completing the offices in the chapel, lots of work has been going on down in Fellowship Hall. Painting in the FH (coat of primer & two coats of color) is almost completed, and next week the vinyl flooring installation will start. All of our ceiling tile has arrived and once the aluminum grid is in place (now about 85%) it'll be installed. We finally figured out a way to install electrical outlets in the kitchen cabinet island. The front portion parking lot has been filled in and regraded, and will be available again soon. All the new interior doors have arrived, and we anticipate restroom may be finished by the end of the month.


October 14

We received a surprise that the plastic laminate countertop, workstation, & knee-wall top were going to be installed in the secretary's office on Monday, 10/13. Also the granite kitchen countertops would be installed in the Fellowship Hall kitchen on 10/14. What great news!  Next, the professional painting in Fellowship Hall is scheduled to begin on or about Monday, 10/20. Our volunteer painting will be once again onsite Tuesday, 10/14 to finish the chapel bell storage area & restroom. It certainly appears that the renovation work in the chapel is fast approaching the finish line. Our sincere apologies for not having the heat dinished for  services… hopefully that’ll be corrected in the very near future. Lots more happening, so keep your eyes open for those completed items I’ve forgotten to mention.

October 8

Oh happy day the gas service has finally been relocated as per our onsite mtg decision w/ the Boro & UGI back in August. This is a great benefit to our mechanics, Reggie & Jacob from Burkholder's HVAC. These professional techs have been working tirelessly these past several weeks to assemble all the boiler components required to power up our brand new gas fired heating system. Working down in the bowels of our church bldg is by no means easy. They get no daily exposure as do our carpenters, but their work goes on just the same. We're fortunate to have contracted w/ a contractor so well known throughout the HVAC community.


The parking lot reconstruction is coming along nicely. Our roof drainage will now be collected in a system of piped and directed out into Main St thus  eliminating the rainwater flowing directly on to grade. This will help protect our wall foundations & parking lot for years to come.


After finishing the chapel offices we'll be working hard to complete the Fellowship Hall renovations so that the area can once again be a focal point of Grace for recreation & fellowship.

September 30

Through the hard work of the Kempf crew we had the FH kitchen installed over last weekend (9/27 & 9/28). What a wonderful job by those four professional carpenters, thanks guys....and thanks go to Phyllis for arranging for this crew of men to help us here at Grace Church. Our volunteer painters Bruce and Nancy continue their excellent work in the chapel area. Work has begun with the excavation of our north parking lot with much activity taking place over the past several days Our intent is to excavate then refill the area with compactible fill in 6" inch layers. This operation will stabilize the soil and prevent future depressions. Your building committee says thanks to all the positive comments they've received over the past several months regarding the construction is certainly appreciated. With the construction of existing facilities there are always situations developing that cause us to take a step backward to evaluate the situation and that usually means extra dollars being that spent we didn't anticipate. Please keep us in your prayers.


September 23

Nancy Rex and Bruce Gruber have volunteered to paint the offices in the Chapel. Work is progressing nicely with the duo applying lots of paint as purchased locally at Sherwin-Williams. Soon carpeting can be installed in all offices within the chapel area, and many thanks to Amy Ray and RuthAnn Bartlett for choosing the office color schemes.


Electricians are working in fellowship hall, running convenience outlets throughout the area. All plumbing has been tied in and upon inspection of the areas we'll be ready for the installation of sheet rock walls.


Mechanics are continuing the installation of our new heating system and we expect completion in this area within the next several weeks.


Work is scheduled to begin shortly in the parking lot....finally, and the excavator will soon be staging his equipment. During this work
parking in the front lot will become a problem so please be aware of  this pending inconvenience.


A contract has been awarded to Kuhns and Anthony for the parking lot paving and restoration work.

September 17

Most everyone has seen the temporary “do-over” in the Chapel where most all office equipment, supplies, & furniture has been relocated.  This monstrous effort was completed thru the combined efforts of Pastor Bartlett, Cookie, & Judy  along w/ the assistance of Council members Nancy Rex and Rebecca Angelo. Quite a job to gather all the items, move them & then put them back in working order…..all in the span of a couple of days. Good job everybody. Now the carpenters can move in and complete the office renovations.

All old boilers, oil tanks, and radiators have been removed, to make space for the new heating systems that are being installed.

Now that the carpenters are finishing up the Chapel offices they’ll be ready for a coat of paint. We’re asking for volunteers to assist in that area. If you are a person who likes to paint….walls that is, contact the Pastor of the office.

We expect to install the kitchen cabinets in fellowship hall the last weekend of this month, so keep your eyes out for that important event.

As always, be careful while walking around our church facility… first is always a good motto to follow.

August 29

Shuffleboard anyone???? We found two (2) game layouts, (see pix) one on either side of FH. Looks like the floor got lots of use before the sheet vinyl was installed. Does anyone remember playing shuffleboard at Grace back in the late '60s? Now we're just plain naked in FH.  The concrete floor looks in good shape. Our flooring contractor had nice things to say about its overall condition making it very easy to apply the new vinyl flooring. (Gee if it's that good maybe I should ask for a price rebate....only kidding) he double door frame is in place ready to be secured to the brick wall. We'll have two (2) door leafs one (1) 30" & (1) 12" making a full opening of 42" Ceiling Grid has been installed high above your head over the Chapel doorway on to Pine Alley. The hanging light fixture needs repositioning  by the electricians ruction is proceeding nicely. The RGBC selected the colors of FH vinyl flooring & cove base along w/ all the new wall areas at our mtg last night (8/28).That's all for now, see you in a Church.

August 26

The Education Wing window installation is complete w/ only some minor tweaking left to do. The abatement of our Fellowship Hall sheet vinyl has been started 8/26 and the old vinyl should be history by the end of the week. The Building Cmte will meet on 8/28 to finalize their selection of the new sheet vinyl….while we want to be looking to keep its maintenance minimal we do have to be realistic about the amount of funds in our budget to support the expenditure. Once the floor abatement has been completed….and air samples taken, we'll start to put up the drywall. The electricians are progressing slowly but surely as only that trade can do. Our parking lot reconstruction continues to be problematic. Lots of work behind the scenes has been going on in order to come up w/ the most economical way to solve the problem. Our insurance coverage is dependent on work in that area. And last but not least….We await delivery of the adjustable organ bench for Steve….once in place the books he used to heighten the old bench can be omitted….and the structural wood beam supporting the flooring adjacent to the organ is scheduled to be replaced this week. Keep checking the website for the latest construction photos.   


August 14

Lots of construction has taken place since our last update. Stabilization of the sanctuary wall foundation has been achieved. Engineers have submitted their subsidence report recommending the soil in the north end of the parking lot be replaced w/ engineered fill. Installation of our new windows in the Education wing is well underway. The new chapel restroom modifications have begun w/ expected completion in the near future. The increased doorway opening from the chapel into the sanctuary hallway has been completed and awaits the installation of new door frame & doors. The restroom sanitation plumbing in Fellowship Hall has been roughed in and will soon be operable. All exterior walls in that area have been insulated to achieve the "R" value anticipated. Pastor's office modifications have been started w/ the removal of the pocket door and wall. Lots of electrical modifications are needed in order to satisfy the new renovations. The location of our new gas meter has created problems and will soon be relocated to satisfy the Borough.

July 30

Work has started on gaining access to the pastor's study and future storage area for bells & paraments, by installing a large doorway in the chapel wall. This work is needed now to allow for the enlargement of the exit doorway, a major undertaking from the chapel into the corridor leading into the sanctuary.  Naturally access to other parts of the church complex while the enlargement is taking place is needed, therefore access from the chapel will be on a temporary basis through the door in the pastor's study that exits into the hallway. A small inconvenience for better things to come. Thanks for your cooperation.

July 23

The fellowship Hall concrete floor has been trenched to allow for the restroom plumbing connections. We're in communication with our insurance carrier, Utica National on work recently completed to stabilize sanctuary wall fdn. We await pricing and subsequent approval by bldg cmte of heating system modifications. Excavation of parking lot "test pits" is scheduled forMonday Aug 4th. Our new kitchen cabinets are stored at Dries Whse. The masonry reconstruction of our stone wall on Main St is complete. And.....please take care to avoid construction areas when attending services or mtgs in and around our church complex


July 14

Construction is continuing to be very evident in and around our church complex. On July 8th we completed the pressure grouting of the stone foundation of the west wall of the sanctuary. On July 14th demo was completed in fellowship hall, paving the way for the 1st phase of the floor tile abatement to begin starting on July 16th . On July 15th demo was started in the chapel area. And….UGI has tied our church into their natural gas main located in Pine Alley…. thus eliminating our dependence on using the that expensive fuel oil during the upcoming heating season. Oh….and the reconstruction of our beautiful stone wall along Main St. has started. There’s lots of construction going on everywhere, so please be careful when attending services and or scheduled mtgs. throughout the week.


July 7

Work was started on July 7th to pressure grout the soil adjacent to the foundation of the north sanctuary wall. Engineers have determined that this operation will negate our ongoing problem where ground water, etc. has infiltrated the soil in the area….washing beneath the stone rubble foundation, causing a 60” wide x 30” deep “wash-out”. Six (6) holes were drilled to a depth up to 30’ in specific areas along the wall allowing for a flowable fill material, consisting of a mixture of sand, cement, & fly-ash, to be pumped at a high pressure, to solidify the surrounding soil. Careful monitoring of the soil in other areas beneath the sanctuary showed no damaging effects due to this procedure. Work is expected to be completed on July 8th when over six (6) cu yds. of flowable fill will have been pumped into the surrounding soil in order to correct the situation.


July 3

During the wk of July 7, we begin removing a portion of the existing vinyl asbestos flooring in a Fellowship Hall. This will allow the plumber to trench the concrete floor & tie in the new toilet room and kitchen drainage & potable water lines. In addition the following week, July 14, we'll begin the compaction grouting of the Sanctuary wall, foundation adjacent to the parking lot. The Sunday School staff has been very busy Saturday, June 28, cleaning out their storage closet down in Fellowship Hall. All removed items were carefully stored in the trailer by the M.O.B. guys after their monthly breakfast.  Lots going on behind the scenes too.The existing hot water heat will be removed and replaced when the new wall system is constructed. Conduit will also be installed in the trenches for electrical service to the kitchen counters, etc. Floor trenching is scheduled to start on 7/07 after we receive clearances (5 days) from the EPA re the removal of the vinyl asbestos flooring within the taped areas. Also, the refrigerator is covered & stored in the stairwell. We're on our way. Our 30 yd dumpster is being utilized that's for sure.


June 25

Our old kitchen cabinets are history, having found a home with a local Minstrilaire member....thanks to Sandy Schantz. Lots of our MOB volunteers did the cabinet demo last Saturday....thanks guys. Other items such as our old folding chairs, pews, glassware, etc. have been donated to several churches up in Brooklyn, NY....and they're gone....again thanks to Sandy's efforts. You've most likely seen the large dumpster by the rear chapel's there ready to receive the trash. As soon as we remove the "beautiful" vinyl flooring in FH we'll start breaking up the concrete....that'll allow for the installation of the necessary soil & water piping needed for the new bathrooms & kitchen areas. Stay tuned....we'll have continuing construction updates for you as they happen.


June 22

A Special meeting of the council authorized an additional $25,000 if necessary, to be added to previously budgeted funds, for the stabilization of a cracked foundation wall under the sanctuary. Funding is still within commitments and mortgage approvals


June 18

An engineer was on-site Friday to further investigate the crack (been there for some time) in the sanctuary wall adjacent to the parking lot....and our trailer for kitchen & fellowship hall storage has arrived and allowed the kitchen to be cleared of everything in it. Macungie Borough has approved our building permit (in part) & electrical permits have yet to be obtained. Three areas of our parking lot have been marked out by the engineers. During the week ofJune 14, we're scheduled to excavate these areas and fill w/ Bentonite (a compactable material), topped off w/ granular stone that will allow automobile traffic to safely transverse the area. The stone retaining wall out front is schedule for repair by the end of the month. Bids are being secured for plumbing and electrical. Yes, there's lots of work going on around Grace.


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