Stained Glass



Ascension window view inside Church

This window represents the Ascension. Christ, the ascending Lord, is seen with pierced hands outstretched going from earth in such an effulgence of light that the brightness of the glory of the new body shines forth n all its beauty. Beneath are four disciples. One is represented sitting clad in rich purple robe with staff in one hand and the other outstretched; two are shown kneeling, clothed in beautiful robes of scarlet and blue, one with staff rests his hand affectionately on the shoulder of the other, while this one is seen to shield his face with his left hand; the fourth one is standing, with a red cloak, his hands laid across his breast s he gazes upon the ascending Lord. Above this magnificent work of art in a sea of purple may be
seen the pinnacles of what represents the New Jerusalem. And far up in what is called 
the kite in the window is a crown. (Note: the preceding paragraph is from an article by Reverend Myron O. Rath, which appeared in the Macungie Progress on May 4th, 1899).

Following are 4 of the many stained glass windows in our Church:

 glass2     glass3

glass4     glass5



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